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The bar

Brewers Inc. is the bar where you can enjoy life, relax and taste a wide range of

excellent, quality craft brews. The atmosphere is nice and cozy and we have many different events each month such as nice jazz music, quizzes, tastings and lectures - there is something for everybody.

On our many taps you will find a lot of different craft beers and ciders from all over the world. You will also find homebrewed beer, brewed by us along with some of Denmark's best homebrewers, so we guarantee a unique taste-experience when you visit us!

The Bar is located on Nørrebro, on the corner of Gormsgade and Dagmarsgade. We are close to the busy mainstreet Nørrebrogade, but still in the quiet part of the neighborhood. On Nørrebrogade there are busses both to Nørreport Station and Nørrebro Station, so it's easy to get to the Metro or the S-train.

It all began in Cph

Brewers Inc. is founded by a couple of homebrewers from Copenhagen. They have been in the beer-business for many years, selling malt and hops, running homebrew shops, working as beerjudges and microbrewers, so the next step seemed obvious - to develop a barconcept to promote homebrewed beer. Their goal is to create a unique bar that can help educate people about the joy and craft of brewing beer, wine, cider and mead.

perfect beer takes time

It takes time to learn the craft of brewing and familiarize yourself with the ingredients, but luckily the process is a very tasteful one. Anyone can learn to brew good beer, but creating perfect beers is a lot harder as it requires a sense of details in the recipe as in the brewing techniques used, and offcourse a lot of practice. Brewers Inc. hosts a competition called 'Brewer of the Month' where the winner is the homebrewer that has brewed that perfect beer, honouring his skills and craftmanship. You can taste the winning beers in the bar learn more about the beer and the brewer, so you can learn the secrets behind the beer. 

Beer for every taste

If you visit us, you will see that we offer a lot more than just the popular beerstyles like India Pale Ales and Imperial Stouts. There are lots of other beers out there that taste completely different and that also deserves their place in the world of beer. So if you are more into fruity, sour, malty or spicy beers, we are confident we have something for your tastebuds as well. 

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